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Work Place Perks


It just takes $5 to get started in providing your employees with Wildfire's Work Place Perks program that gives them the opportunity to save some money and more. Click the link below to check them out.

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Wildfire Business Rewards


When you use your Wildfire Business Visa® credit card you will earn 1% cash back on every dollar you spend. We are making buying items and experiences a little more fun.

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Business Savings


Whether you are saving money for unexpected expenses, looking to grow your business, buy some needed equipment; there is no better time to start than now. If you already have a little money saved and you don't need access to it for a little while, consider putting your money to work for you in one of our many certificates of deposit. Whether you want to save a little or save a lot, Wildfire has a program that will help you meet your goal.

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Business Checking


We realize that different businesses have different needs, even when it comes to their checking accounts. That is why we offer our business members a choice of three types of checking accounts. One is sure to meet your needs.

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The perfect pocket sized companions for your business. Our debit and credit cards have the world-wide recognition of the Visa symbol. Debit cards can be used for deposits and withdrawals at ATMs, but also like a Visa card at merchants who accept Visa worldwide, only the funds come from your checking account! With low rates, a Cash Back Rewards program, and plenty of other nifty features, the Wildfire Business Visa Credit Card is a great choice to help your business grow.

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