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Your Business Finances in the Palm of Your Hand

Wildfire’s Mobile Banking App is your online connection to us through your smart phone. With your smart phone you can access your business accounts, perform transactions, and more. Any time and anywhere that you have a signal.

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  • Custom Alerts: We use alerts to give your business a heads up about events such as new transactions, documents, and balance changes. Alerts can be delivered through email and text message.

  • Freeze/Unfreeze Card: Lost your card? No need to panic. With Wildfire's app you can Freeze your business' card to prevent it from being used while you try to relocate it. All you have to do is log in to the app, tap the "Cards" option, select the card(s) you want to freeze, and then toggle the "Freeze My Card" switch to the right.

  • Fingerprint/Facial Authentication: After logging into the app for the first time, you can turn on "Fingerprint/Facial Authentication" to boost the security of your app and your company.

  • Report Your Card Lost/Stolen: Things get misplaced, it happens. That is why our Mobile Banking app has a feature that allows you to report your cards as lost or stolen to prevent them from being used in the event you lose one.

Manage Accounts


  • Quick Balance: View your business account balances without having to go through the login process. Just tap "Quick Balance" within the app menu.

  • Make Profile Changes: Change your username, password, security picture, and much more on the go, right from the app.

  • Secure Messages: You can send us a secure message. We utilize this messaging tool to update email addresses as well as update your home address.

  • Location Finder: This feature can be used with or without logging into the app, and allows you to search for ATMs and Wildfire branches.

  • Activate Your Card: You don't have make any phone calls to activate your card with the app. All you need to do is login to the app, navigate to the "Cards" page, and find the card you want to activate.
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Payments, Transfers, & Deposits


  • Transfers/Payments: Easily transfer money to and from accounts you have at other financial institutions. Between your accounts here at Wildfire with scheduled transfers, or one-time. These can either be share to share or to make payments.

  • Mobile Wallet: With mobile wallets, you can securely store your Wildfire Credit Union debit or credit card details on your phone. You can to make purchases at a store, within compatible apps or online using your mobile device.

  • Mobile Check Deposit: A secure, online service that allows you to deposit checks into your eligible Wildfire accounts at any time with your mobile device.

  • Bill Pay: Once you set the payee up in Online Banking you can make payments within the app. Saving you the time of writing a check and saving stamp costs. Learn more about our Bill Pay service.

What Are You Waiting For?

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Download Wildfire's Mobile Banking App

For more information on Wildfire’s Mobile Banking App, please contact the Call Center at 989-249-8200 or 800-227-2328.

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