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Decrease the Stress of Paying Bills

Paying bills is never something to look forward to. Turn the stressful experience of paying bills into an easy and comfortable experience with Wildfire's Online Bill Payer service.

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What is Bill Payer?


Bill Payer is a safe and secure service for you to pay bills 24/7 through Online Banking or Mobile Banking. Vendors who can receive payments electronically, will typically receive their payment in three business days.

The Features:


  • Save money on stamps and envelopes and save time with quick and convenient access to your accounts.

  • No more checks: Since the funds come straight from your checking account, you don’t have to worry about writing any more checks out to pay your bills.

  • Schedule your payments: You can schedule a bill payment in advance of the day you need to process your payment. When you schedule a payment you will receive an Estimated Arrival Time.

  • Organized Records: All of your payment history and cleared check images will be recorded and shown as your payments are processed.

  • Person-to-Person or P2P Banking will allow you to send money to others without having to contact Wildfire. Even if your peer does not have an account at Wildfire! Need help? View our P2P FAQs for assistance.
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