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Benefits of an Internship

Date Published: Mar 28, 2024

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Internships are the perfect way for college students, along with recent graduates and anyone that is thinking about switching careers, to gain real world experience in a field they are interested in or pursuing.

Immersion & Observational Learning

A huge benefit of an internship is that you get an inside look at an industry that you may not be able to fully gather from an article or classroom. There is much you gain from being involved in a company or position that gives you a future look at what a career might look like.

In an internship, you can view first-hand what a company's culture is like and what a career field's culture is like as well. You can learn things like: Are the employees a tight-knit friendly group? How do co-workers communicate? In fact, simply taking part in a company meeting can give you good insight on how a company operates.

Check out a Career Path

Along with Immersion and Observation, participating in an internship is a good way to explore your goals and get exposure to what kind of job you could get after college. Just be sure your internship matches your academic pursuits or career field you are aiming for after college.

Discovering what kind of job you are not too keen on while you are interning can stop you from accepting a job that doesn't fit you well. Internships will help get you more acquainted with a career field you are interested in.

Moreover, if you start your college years with a good idea of a career path you would like to pursue, an internship can help you get a feel for that field and if it is right for you. Students that intern in college tend to feel more confident about their degree and field of study choice.

Gain Beneficial Professional Experience

The real world work experience you receive before you graduate is so valuable and usually cannot be obtained in the classroom and this is perhaps the greatest benefit of an internship.

Working as an intern will give you the opportunity to perform work for a real company, apply acquired knowledge and skills to real-world work experiences, and have exposure to the day-to-day job tasks you can expect to see in your chosen career field.

Along with learning skills and knowledge of a field, you can also develop your transferable skills like communication, teamwork, and computer proficiency. Internships will get you ready to enter the professional world before you graduate.

Internships are a learning experience that give you the chance to try out specific techniques you learned in your classes, before getting fully immersed in a professional environment. This aspect of internships provides you with an opportunity that you might not have again once you graduate.

Along the way, you will receive feedback from supervisors and others who are professionals and established in the field. This is a little better than diving into the real work world head first with your first post-college job, without any prior experience.

A Boost in the Job Market

Another great benefit of an internship is that college graduates with real-world experience in the form of an internship tend to stand out to employers.

The big reasons that make college grads with internship experience more marketable is that they will most-likely require less training and can take on more responsibilities right away. If you have internship experience, you could also receive a better starting pay than those who lack internship experience and are entering the professional world or are switching careers.

A great deal of companies and businesses use internships as a way to strengthen their recruitment efforts, and sometimes a company may choose to hire an intern at the end of an assignment.

If you decide to pursue an internship with a company, know that if a job offer doesn't occur right away, an intern who makes a good impression could get an offer in the future with a company when a position is available. Think of an internship as a way for companies to test a potential employee before deciding to hire them.

Network & Make Connections

In the professional world, who you know is pretty important, and as an intern you will have the chance to be in regular, in-person contact with professionals in your field. This will give you the exciting opportunity to learn from them, ask questions, and impress.

The people you come in contact with during an internship could one day be your colleagues or connection to your first job. The biggest thing is just to talk to people when you have the opportunity and don't be afraid to ask your boss to introduce you to other workers in other departments.

Along with professionals who are employed at the company you are interning for, it is also good to build relationships with other interns. This will allow you to develop friendships and give you people that you can one day lean on as you advance in your career.

After the internship concludes, try to keep in touch with your new connections, or you might run the chance of getting overlooked when a position opens.

Getting Your Foot in the Door

Internships are the start of your journey into the professional world and can help you in the future with your field of study by giving you awesome experiences that can potentially open the door for great future opportunities.

To add, an increasing number of companies and businesses are offering paid internships, which allows you to make money to pay for expenses and earn a valuable and unique experience at the same time.

Having a resume loaded up with work, class, and internship experience is a big plus for when you graduate. If you are looking to gain a professional experience and exposure into the real work-world of your degree and career field, an internship is a great path to take. Internships can help you connect with people and give you the confidence you need to chase your career goals and start your future before it begins.