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Boost Your Finances With Wildfire Student Perks

Think of it as a backpack filled with all the tools needed to help you save, spend, borrow, and grow financially.

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With the best personal service and a location in each of the tri-cities, it is sure to become your financial home during your middle and high school years.

PLUS as a student your membership fee of $5 will be waived when you join!

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Debit & Credits Cards

Use them to pay for new clothes, food, a night out, or for a treat for yourself to celebrate acing a test.

When you use a Wildfire Visa® credit card to pay for things you will be rewarded with Cash Back for every dollar you spend!

Our debit card can be used at ATM's and places worldwide who accept Visa®.

Debit Cards

Credit Cards

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Online & Mobile Banking

Keep an eye on your money anywhere you have a signal!

Make transfers, pay loans, redeem rewards points, and much more all from the palm of your hand! You won't have to leave your bed in the morning...unless you didn't sleep near your phone.

Online Banking

Mobile Banking

College Prep

Need some help getting ready for you future? That is just what we are here for!

Aside from top of the class student loans, we also provide students the opportunity to apply for scholarships to help you get ready for your future before it begins.

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Financial Literacy

Give yourself an edge in the financial world and show off your knowledge by learning money managing tips and tricks.

Think of us as your personal finance teacher.

Financial Wellness for Students

A Few More Perks

Youth Certificates of Deposit

Budget Counseling

Checking Account

View account Statements

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To learn more about Wildfire's Student Perks Program, and to see which services you qualify for, contact us at: 989-248-8200 or 800-227-2328.

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