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With Digital+ you can monitor your Wildfire account from the comfort of your home, and really anywhere on the planet where you have internet access - 24/7.

Wildfire Digital+

Access your accounts securely at your convenience for free!

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Manage Your Accounts


  • Track your spending and view share/loan balances right when you login.

  • Check out your Wildfire Rewards point balance.

  • Activate or lock your Wildfire cards

  • Set up notifications to protect you from fraud.

  • View account statements.

  • View any holds on your account.

  • Manage the accounts you have with other banks and credit unions by logging into your Wildfire Credit Union account.

Make Transfers


Avoid fees and move money around within your account whenever you want!

  • Transfer funds within your share accounts.

  • Schedule transfers between your accounts to occur automatically.

  • Transfer funds to and from accounts at other financial institutions.

  • Person-to-Person or P2P Banking will allow you to send money to others without having to contact Wildfire. Even if your peer does not have an account at Wildfire!
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Make Payments


Digital+ allows you to make a real time payments from the share or account that you choose.

  • Pay your auto loan or Visa┬« balance.

  • Schedule payments to occur automatically!

  • Take advantage of our free Bill Pay tool to pay your bills without having to converse with a person or mail a letter.

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